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Two Puppies in kennel


Volunteering for a Dog Rescue is a rewarding way to give back to your community. There are a variety of ways to help, including dog walking, fundraising, administrative tasks, ground maintenance, repairs, dog transport, and kennel cleaning. Volunteers can also provide much-needed love and attention to the rescue dogs by feeding them and playing with them. There is no greater reward than seeing a rescue dog find a loving home. Volunteering for Summit's Sanctuary is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these animals.

Ways To Help

Dog Walking

Come walk the dogs and enjoy some canine companionship. Our dogs so appreciate getting out of their kennels and runs for a little while and some quality one-on-one time and attention. If you would like a little exercise with a canine friend, please consider becoming a volunteer dog walker at Summit's Sanctuary

Walking Dogs


Do you want to put your computer and excel skills to work? If so, we need you! Please fill out a volunteer application, and we will contact you to discuss the shelter’s needs in more detail.

Working with Coffee

Feeding and Cleaning

We can always use help caring for the animals at the shelter. We need people to help us feed the animals, do the mounds of laundry that develop each day, clean the cat cages, clean the dog runs, and do general cleaning of the shelter. If you are interested in helping us care for the animals and keep the shelter clean, please apply to volunteer today.

Feeding Time

Repair & Maintanece

We are always in need of volunteers to help with repairs, maintenance, and grounds upkeep. We need assistance with fixing fences, repairing kennels, and maintaining our buildings. Your help is invaluable in keeping our Rescue running smoothly and ensuring our dogs are safe and healthy. We thank you for your time and effort in helping us give these pups the best home possible.

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