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Foster Home

Foster homes are an integral part of our dog rescue mission. We are staying at capacity because of the need in our area, and we need more foster homes to help us serve even more dogs. We can't emphasize enough why we need foster homes. In addition to giving a dog a temporary home, fostering allows us to free up space in our kennels so that we can take in even more dogs in need. Plus, dogs get kennel-stressed after too long, and a foster home helps them to de-stress and become more adoptable. Please consider helping us out by fostering a dog today!

Three pups in a rescue kennel

The Benefits of Fostering

Black Dog

Provides a safe place for animals who need to heal, grow or get some extra TLC.  

Tan Dog

Creates more space in the shelter for other animals in need.  

White Dog in kennel

Helps animals transition from the stress of living at a shelter.

Cute Pup

You are making a difference for that pet.


Pet Fostering Q&A

How much space do you need to foster?

If you have a sanitary, temperature controlled garage or basement, spare bedroom, or bathroom, you can give shelter to an animal in need of temporary housing!

How long is the commitment?

Some of our pets need just a few days in foster; some of our pets need a bit longer. Typically it will be 2 to 3 months.

Can't afford another pet?

All expenses will al be covered by Summit's Sanctuary! Medical expenses, food, and supplies.

Afraid you'll get attached?

There’s no shame in Foster Failing! However, many of our foster parents find joy in sending their foster pets into new homes. There’s nothing like seeing your foster find their fur-ever home!

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